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moonlightxn (Nara Khalilova)

Moonlightxn is an azerbaijani artist based in Germany and Near East. The main theme of her artworks are a surreal interpretation and destruction of matter, disbalancing the comfort zone of the viewer in the manner of recreating an own version oif reality. She graduated fine arts as Master pupil in graphics, Installation and painting.

2012 – 2016 / Graduation of Free Art School in Essen as Master of Graphics
2015 / Project „Northtown“, Exhibition
2016 / Exhibition „K1.10 on Tour“ in Düsseldorf, „Art on Port“
2017 till now/ Working as a free artist of fine arts and art therapist

The themes of my works are about destroying the comfort zone, the known interpretations and leaving the used enviroments. AI has its art of coincidence, that helps me to create never finished realities to show the false side of matter. Perhaps then the actual feelings can come out. The goal is to show the deeper feeling and not the perfection.

I also notice nowadays the influence of nostalgia of old times in any kind of art, design and fashion and the need to repeat, remix and recreate old traditions into unconventional freedom styles. I call it the New Age Contemporary.

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