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is the Creative Avatar of Ben Ortlip, a digital artist, musician and creator from the United States. Ben has been creating art and media his entire life, but joined the United States Air Force out of High School and served honorably performing maintenance and analysis of Atomic Energy Detection Systems, as well as an instructor, and Honor Guard captain. After the military he attended The Evergreen State College, studying philosophy, film, creative writing and media.
Ben has performed comedy under the name Benjamin Horselips since 2011, and is a Burning Man Theme Camp Organizer, and leader of the 2016 Burning Man Project, the WestBurner Baptist Church, and owner of the satire site
He is the co-owner of Timothy Leary's sensory deprivation tank, a published author, and speaker at the 2017 International Float Conference.
Earlier this year, Ben decided to leave his desk job of five years to fully pursue the arts, and the advent of AI technology to aid in the creation of art has made that transition more exciting than he ever thought possible.

Ben sees AI as "the great equalizer," allowing people to be freed from menial job tasks and be spend their time connecting with others and creating their dreams and following their passions.

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