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AI Art Makes a Splash at Art Basel

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

Art Basel is the biggest international art fair in the world, and this year it made history by featuring the first-ever AI images. The VR gallery, organized by Aki and Kyle Hailey, showcased a collection of unique and thought-provoking works created using artificial intelligence. The process for creating these pieces was quite simple. Clients were asked to provide a set of keywords describing some of their favorite things. These words were then fed into AI systems by the team of arists from The team did hours of iterations and variations until they had images which reflected the worked out concept ideas based on the clients input into visually pleasing but also artistic manner. AI Imagegenerators such as Midjourney or Stable Diffusions generated a variety of pictures, which were then reviewed and selected by the artists. The result was a collection of stunning and imaginative works that left a lasting impression on journalists and guests alike.

The reception to the AI art at Art Basel was overwhelmingly positive. Many people were impressed by the creativity and originality of the pieces, and there was much talk about the potential of AI in the art world. As a group, we were thrilled to be a part of this groundbreaking event and are excited to see where the future of AI art takes us. If you missed out on the opportunity to see the AI pieces at Art Basel, be sure to check out our portfolio site. We offer a wide range of concept and custom creations, and would be happy to work with you to create something truly unique. With our expertise and the power of AI, the possibilities are endless.

In August I founded an international association of AI artists, We worked as a team to produce 30 pieces of art for a virtual gallery held during Art Basel. This means that anyone could experience our works in a completely immersive way. It is hard to convey what it's like to walk up to a piece of art in VR and have the entire canvas take up my full field of vision. I feel like I am almost inside the a painting. It is stunning.
This is the first time AI Images were shown at Art Basel and they were well received by journalists and guests alike. My team and I are thrilled at the results and the reception. There was no AI art work on the official floor of Art Basel but I expect next year it will be everywhere. People walking around the official exposition center were talking about AI art : "that piece looks like AI art!" , "have you heard about AI art?"

- Kyle Hailey, founder

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