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AI Fashion Week NYC 2023

Updated: Aug 26, 2023

Putting together a collection for

Collection done in collaboration with and taking some inspirations from Grimes

I am thrilled to present a groundbreaking collaboration between Art Wave AI and Jillian, the visionary designer behind RITUAL FASHION. Our partnership has culminated in a captivating AI fashion collection that not only embodies RITUAL's signature values of sustainability, luxury, and innovation but also pushes the boundaries of contemporary fashion.

At the heart of our collaboration lies the marriage of technology and creativity. By incorporating AI-generated design variations inspired by Jillian's original pieces, we have crafted a collection that is not only daring and unique but also a testament to the limitless potential of human and artificial intelligence collaboration.

In our AI fashion collection, you will find the unmistakable essence of RITUAL FASHION—sexy, luxurious, and decadent designs, crafted with care for the environment and the communities involved. Our collection features intricate, puzzle-like patterns made from sustainable goat leather and produced through an ethical and eco-friendly pipeline in Indonesia. Every piece is a bold statement, showcasing the power of combining technology and artistry.

We are honored to join the ranks of renowned RITUAL FASHION fans, such as Sara Sampaio and Paris Hilton, as we introduce our AI-infused collection to the world. Through this collaboration, we aim to inspire and challenge the fashion industry to harness the power of technology for sustainable, innovative, and cutting-edge design.

Keep an eye out for our upcoming online and print campaigns, which will delve deeper into the unique stories behind each AI-generated piece. We hope our collection sparks conversation and inspires others to embrace the boundless possibilities of technology in fashion.

Thank you for your time, and we look forward to sharing our extraordinary AI fashion collection with you.

Putting together a colletion for

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