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Opt Out of AI imaging Datasets ( or Opt In )

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

If you would like to opt out of future AI imaging train sets please

You can contact me directly at if you have any questions.

I will be talking to the founder of Midjourney and asking him to remove the people who register for future training sets.

Stable Diffusion 2.0 already takes artists out of image prompts, and they are working on a data set with living artists filtered out. For Stable Diffusion 3.0 you can opt out here

reference article

Midjourney is exploring other options such as grants for artists and allowing artist to license and sell extensions that that would allow users to create images in their style.

Please let us know if you have other ideas.

If this project is successful we can continue the campaign with openai and stabilityai.

Reasons to be excluded from the AI imaging training set

I take great care in creating my art, and I want to have control over how it is used and by whom. The fact that my work was included in a training set without my permission is a complete breach of trust and it leaves me feeling violated and disrespected.
I understand that AI imaging technology has the potential to be incredibly powerful and useful, but it is important that artists like myself are given the respect and autonomy that we deserve. Our work is not something that should be taken without our permission and used for the benefit of others without our consent.
I urge the creators of this training set to take responsibility for their actions and to make sure that artists are treated with the respect and consideration that they deserve. It is not acceptable to simply take our work without our permission and use it for your own purposes.

The only two artists I know in the data set that don't want to be there are

Kelly Mckernan

Yoann Lossel


was harassed by a pro-AI person who was completely inappropriate. The person who harassed him trained his own Stable Diffusion embed. Interestingly enough he doesn't look to be in the current training set

I've had a number of friends who have complained but they are not even in the dataset.

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